Thursday, July 2, 2015

Long time no Post

It has been a long time since I posted.  Lots happening but sadly nothing associated with dolls or art.  I did finish my Hoffman Doll, though I think I need to change his base-makes him slightly over 18" (1/4" over).  I wasn't too inspired by this fabric at first, drew 2 sketches that were OK but not OOOH I gotta make that!  Then I got an idea and ran with it.  Another Man.  I haven't named him yet, maybe "the Emporer's Treasurer"?  The Happy Emporer? Here are front and back views.  I used lots of gold coins - the kind used on belly dancer costumes.  I repressed them to give them different designs since they had greek/roman heads on them.  Totally unsuitable.  I also aged them with Ranger Patinas, Viva Decor Inca Gold, and Gilders Paste.

More pics, his head close-up and the original sketch.  I am heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow and will be there until Wednesday - or at least close.  My Husband is doing the Spring Hill Driving School.  I'm planning on spending time at the Bellagio to see the Chuhuli glass pieces.  Love his work. Also looking forward to the fireworks as I am sure there will be plenty.  I will also be at Spring Mountain - bringing my sketchbook, iPod, iPad with 400 books so I think I will keep busy. Will mail him when I get back after I change the base.

Hope everyone has a safe and joyful July 4th.  I am thankful for the freedoms we are celebrating thanks to the bravery and forethought of our founding fathers.