Friday, May 25, 2012

New Cabs and Pins

A couple of weeks ago I taught two lovely ladies how to make "faux Dichroic Glass" cabs using clay, embossing powders, textiva film and Ultra thick Embossing Enamel.  We started with Black, white, turquoise and purple clay and went from there.  Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of all of them together, but you can see the 7 I made on the left in the pic above.   Wish you could see these in person because they have soo many colors in them - they change with the angle you view them.  I pulled out the little bag I store these in as I do them and was surprised at how many I had done!  I do them while I'm cooking dinner usually when something is baking.  All of them have seed beads, some have semi precious gems like Amythist, Peridot, Goldstone and pearls.  The copper colored one has real copper sizd 13 charlottes (LOVE these!  But expensive).  Almost all of them have Svarowski crystals and Pressed Chec glass beads.  Takes me about 1 1/2 hours to bead one once I decide on the beads which takes about another hour! LOL  More if I have to run to the bead store.  These will be going on Etsy as soon as I can do write ups on them.

Progress on Purse

First step after the freemotion stitching is to felt on fibers to accentuate the stiching.  I must have done this and pulled it out three times before I got it to this point.  Next I arranged the embroidered fish and also added a mermaid though not sure if she will be on the final bag.  Also auditioned a sun face for the front to replace the fish.  It'll be my client's call.  I like the idea of the sun but maybe not this particular one-and it will be beaded.  So here are the layout auditions.  Next, will be to stitch the fish in place, do some more bobbin work then add beads, sequins and jewels.  I definetly like the mermaid on the back- a little whisical surprise.  The bottom will be shaped but the flap will be curved as shown - with more fibers, beads, sequins and jewels.
Fish clasp, just fish on front

Fish clasp, different fish on front

Back with Mermaid
Mernaid on front with Sun Clasp

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Flora

I got an urge to make another versin of Flora - this time Goth.  I think this happened because when I was looking for fabric for the purse, I came across the fabric I used for her upper skirt with the skulls.  Had lots of fun with this!  The underskirts - and there are 8 layers of them! - are from the petal pattern but not cut out all the way.  Her slip is black lace. 

I added boots cut from the leg pattern just a tiny bit wider and the platform soles are 8 layers of stiff felt glued together then covered with velvet ribbon.  I added chains and brass skulls.  Her hair is a tibetan lamb skin.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun at the machine today

Today was a day for stitching.  First I had to design the stitching pattern.  I wanted the water portion to look like waves but done in flourishes so I drew out a pattern when I was having my cereal this morning. 

Next I had to map out the actual purse on the fabric

then transfer the stitching design.  I got out my trusty transfer pen new in the package and it was dried out!!!  So I drew it freehand on the batting.

 Then stitched.   It always amazed me the difference after it is stitched.  I used a green metallic thread in the bobbin and I like how it shimmers on the bluegreen.

Here is a pic of the back where you can see the stitching.

Hope my client likes it too.  I did a little stitching on the flap portion, but don't like the line of dark pink.  It will be coming out.  Think I may stick to gold, pastel metallic lavendar and pinks.  Now I have to stitch out more fish but tomorrow is the Quinlan doll show and I am going!  After the fish are stitched, I'll be adding some colorful fibers to define the "waves" a bit. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the fun begins...

I was recently commissioned to make a purse similar to my Paisley Purse.  After a discussion with the purchaser, we came up with an under the sea at sunrise theme - or at least I did!  And she sent me the following pics for inspiration regarding her colors.

We also talked about a beaded fish for the purse clasp.  I stitched out some fish and layed out the base fabric.  My friends Tery, Judy and I were going to work on purses together today, but life intervened, so I am home alone working on it. First step was to add the solid collage fabric elements and the sheers,

next the angelina fibers (7 colors total).   Too bad the pic doesn't show all the glitter.

 I have the fish layed on the first layer of tulle

 then decided to add a second so moved them up a layer.  So there is a layer of turquise topped with a glitter aqua tulle.  Before I start the fun - the stitching and embellishing, I think I am going to change a few of the fish.  Here is quick folded view.  The flap which will be the sunrise will be curved.  The bottom will be shaped in a moorish type arch and point.
First is planting the fish so I can do some freemotion to hold the layers together.  Then add "waves" with fibers to bring in some more greens in the sea and purples/pinks in the sky.  But first is to stitch out more fish.  I'm thinking though a Mermaid may be interesting.;-)  I'm also not sold on the beaded fish.  He needs a black outline or to become a beaded sun.