Sunday, April 28, 2019

Another new doll

I taught this weekend at AFICC and had a wonderful time with some great Dollmaker's!  There was an anthropomorphic challenge and the teachers are encourages to enter so I created The Fairies New Shoes.  Lots of freemotion and machine embroidery.  She was chosen People's Choice!  I am thrilled! Here are some pics.

A New Doll

I recently completed this Steampunk doll.  I loved that stripe on her skirt-it has metallic goldin it- and really wanted to miter them.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Rag Bag Gals Summer Swap

I finally created a book to hold all the RBG Summer Swap pages.  The pages measure 4" x 6" and are both landscape and portrait.  I thought I would make it a gate fold cover and make the book 7" x 7".   Here are pics of the finished book.
Book open to first pages.  They overlap a bit in the center since they are 4" wide and the book is 7".

Pages open showing the two page orientations.  I attached pieces of lace to the spine side of the pages then attached the lace to the spine.

Spine with buttons as decoration.  They are sewed along the same lines as the lace was attached.

View looking down into the book.

Book Back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Completed book!

I created a page for my book with the Colleen doll.  Here is her page and tag.
Since the book was getting very thick, I decided I had enough pages so I finished it.  Here are some pics of the finished bound book.  Complete directions on how I did it are found on my Book Bindings page. Now on to the next one!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Another new doll but didn't post! - Colleen , Couturier to the Fairies

I made this doll as a gift to a dear friend who wrote a fabulous article for Art Doll Quarterly.  She is seated on a Mushroom, holds a fairy dress on a hanger being admired by a little Fairy Friend who is saying OOOOH! is that mine? about the new dress Colleen is holding.  Colleen is wearing her fav outfit - a striped vest, lacy flowey blouse, frayed jeans, over the shoulder bag, lots of funky jewelry and her laceup sandles and ankle bracelets.  She is created from my Style of her Own pattern with a cloth over clay over cloth face.
closeup of her outfit.
Face close-up

Fairy dress on Hanger

Just Colleen

Her Fairy Friend                                                                   Her Forest Seat

Her Stylish Sandels 

More Book in Progress pages

 Actually, the book is almost done - don't like one of the pages so re-doing it.  Here are some more of the pages and their accompanying tags with the Stories.  The only new doll is Colleen which I made for a dear friend.  There are 10 dolls total.

Late Again! Tea Anyone?

Colleen - Couturier to the Fairies

Puppy Love
Alice is that you?

The Bride as a Child

The Scholar

New Doll Finished

Recently attended a quilt show in PA with some friends and found some interesting animal batik scraps for about $1 each so though I would make a new doll around them.  This dol, the Lion Queen, l is created using piece parts from some of my other patterns-mainly a reduced version of my bead joint witch, Flying in Style.. Her diamonds are from the quilt show fabric.  I also created her chair from twigs and a scrap of pressboard with the help of Apoxy Sculpt.  The top of her staff was a parking lot find!

I also created a friend giraffe for her.  I created a small stencil for the body for the spots.  It is an original pattern.  A view of her throne before she took possession.