Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Winter Witch finished

Finished her last week but forgot to post pics. Love making these! Now I have a complete set again. Still have another head left. I'll have to let her tell me what witch she is!

Hostess Gifts

I have been making Hostess Gifts for the Holiday parties we have been invited to. Unfortunately because of my MIL's broken ankle/leg, only one of us can go - someone has to stay home with her. Here are a couple of the gifts I made. Some of our friends are planning to relocate away from the Jersey Shore when they retire, so I thought a Jersey Mermaid would be appropriate. I also made them a set of note cards - hope they also look masculine.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

And so it begins again - Hoffman Challenge 2011

Thursday I received my order of Hoffman Challenge 2011 fabrics. Last year I ordered most of mine (I was a little late and they sold out of many) from Quilt-Kits-On-Line. The service was excellent and FAST! This year I ordered their "1/2 yd Challenge Package" and increased the main fabric to 1 yard. The fabrics are just stunning! I love them all and have an idea in mind for my doll. It's so nice to open the package and see them all together. Thanks so much Cindy and Don!I also have started my new Winter Witch. Here she is with just her bodice on. I rusched some metallic ribbon for the top of her bodice. I am doing her in blue and light purple touched with grey and pearl.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just in time for the Holidays

I have been working with my Witches pattern - I sold the Winter Witch and needed a new one. I started by using holiday fabric and made the arms and legs but decided to stick to the original colors. Here are the heads I did - 2 is always better than 1! I thought the arms and legs would work great for an elf so made a couple heads for one. Like the smiley guy, so used him. I used the Witches pattern and made a few adjustments - new head, bodice piece, jacket and modified the bloomers by pleating the bottom and adding a folded piece of fabric for the band. The shoes are from the pattern (Winter witch). He is sitting in a chair gifted me by a dear friend Mary Louisa (Dreamlitdolls.com). I am posting the modified pieces and head here for anyone to use! Hope you like them. Enjoy. PS: you are on your own for the ears! I have named him "Santa in Training"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New items posted for sale on Etsy

I have added some new items to my etsy shop. I love making the faux dichroic glass cabachons and beading them to create brooches. Here are a few of them. I finished two more - aqua and eggplant/very deep purple. I really enjoy making them. I have a bunch ready to bead-colors include lime, copper, orange, dark burnished gold and red. I am trying to match them with some gemstones I have including garnets and peridot stones. The purple one has real amethyst. Haven't taken pics yet, but hopefully tomorrow. I also added the Ghost Witch, Arachnia.