Monday, December 22, 2014


Recently on Facebook in a discussion started by DollMakers Journey on their Where did I put That Treasure Hunt page, the question was posed what was your favorite thing to use for hair.  My answer is anything that works!  I thought I would post a few of the more unusual (at least to me!) things that I have used.
Feathers, not so unusual

Crocheted with beads and a few wisps of curly wool.

Curly Ribbon
Silk Flower Parts
Beaded and other fringe

My latest favorite, deconstructed Sweater cuff!  I saw the sweater in my studio and threw it on quickly to go out.  When I got to the restaurant and took off my coat, realized one sleeve was shorter than the other!  YIKES!  I had two of these sweaters, one white, one off white.  I guess I got them mixed up when I started chopping!

These are a few samples.  Of course I love to use unusual yarns too.  Thanks for looking!