Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Another Little Witch

I made another witch from my Year of the Witch Pattern. I had the head in my box-o-heads for a while.  Forgot why I made it originally.  This was for a challenge in the CDA-Cloth Dolls group on Facebook.  We had to make a Weather Witch using a pattern that we modified.  So I used my own pattern which is actually a little rag doll type and made her with armatured arms, legs and body so she can stand alone.  I thought I would go with Rainbow Witch.  For her arms and legs, I took some white on white print fabric and added color with Ranger Distress Stains to the wrong side.  Here is a pic of the fabric still wet, and the sewn arms and legs. I used distress Markers to color the flowers on the lace trim and Stickles Glitter Glue to add color to the flower trim around her neck.  I also made an insane splurge!  The yarn for her hair is 100% Kid wool with these tiny sequins in rainbow colors throughout.  Color was right, price not so much!  I must have been temporarily insane - it was $23 for a tiny ball!!!  But it looks perfect!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shopping Yesterday

Before Vickie Adams Brown and I went to see the Charles James Exhibit at the Met Mus of Art, we did a little shopping at CJS Sales, a whole sale warehouse for all sorts of beads, crystals, jewelry finding and chain.  The place is just JAM PACKED!!!  You could get lost in there for a week and not see all of it.  I found so many interesting things on the FLOOR!!!  My purchases:

Over View.  Cloissionne butterflies, sun charms, Star with moon charms, pointed stars, leaves with the most awesome patina, pearls (for eyes I'm thinking), pearl drops with wires, and beaded necklace that I plan to deconstruct for the awesome beads.  There are metal shapes in the upper left that have a cool patina on them too.  I tried them in my Sizzix, but they are too thick to emboss.  Will add words with my mallet and letters.

These are metal pansies.  Three different sizes, some are enameled, some are just gold.  All have rings that can be used for chains, dangles, whatever but they can also be cut off.  Love these.  Can't wait to play with Ranger Patinas on them.  Very detailed.

All of these strange charms came in one bag.  I really love the horse, had, little violin, the starburst, so many buttons!  I saw only the violin and the hat in the bag.  The rest are a very pleasant surprise!
I got a bag of these lucite buttons.  They don't have Rhinestones in them, it is an illusion but they chould be added.  Swarski Crystals would work too.  I added alcohol ink .  The pink on the left has the ink applied to the BACK!!!!  How cool is that!  The dark pink has a heavy coat on the front.  The turquoise has a light watered down coat on the front.  Oh the possibilities.  I see these as flower centers among other things.  The people there, especially Kim, were just wonderful - giving everyone a guided tour of what was where.  They also offered water and a cloth shopping bag to drag the loot home!  Looking forward to going back.

Miss America is Finished!

Here she is finished with her fingernails and sparlker.  Some close-up following of her shoes, headband, and sparkler that she holds.  Her sjpes are f;elt painted with gold metallic paint, Precious Metal Gold paint by Viva Decor, then Hightlighted with Gold and Indian Yellow Viva Decor Inca Gold rubs. The soles are cardboard covered with muslin and painted to match the shoe uppers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So close!!

Just needs fingernails and a sparkler to hold.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Decisions Decisions!

This is what is on my work table.  I decided Style of her own needed to be a pattern and I also needed more pics of the process.  This pattern will probably only include a cloth head version but will include both the armatured and jointed.  I am making another jointed version this time in Red White and Blue, colors I have used only once before on a Rag doll baby gift for a child born July 4th.  So here is her progress.  First, since I didn't want to add to my stash, I created fabric for her arms and legs.  I used a glitter cotton that matched the muslin for the body and holding two sharpies together, added red and blue dots.  Worked Great!
Then I needed an interesting fabric for her bloomers so took a piece of muslin (I used Southern Belle Cream) I used for her body and made stripes with the sharpies.  I probably should have done it freehand and made the lines wobbly, but I used a ruler.  Next time!  As you can see, I made the lines really close as first but decided they needed to be opened up a bit.
So here she is with her body all together and also sitting.  Her Knees and Elbows are bead jointed and her shoulders and hips are button joints so she is poseable.  Next pic is of her with her bodice and bloomers on, her head is just pinned in place.  Can't decide if I want her skirt in order Red White Blue or Blue White Red.  Also need to decide if her hair will be red or Blue.  Such Decisions!  Also need to make her shoes which I think will be T-Strap with Gold Star Buttons.  Her head is one of the original 3 I did.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Look who is stepping out!

Today I finished Mr. Cat in a Hat and Tux pattern.  So thought Madame LeChat and Mr. Cat should get together.  She is the last one I have left of my Madames.  They make a cute couple!  He was made with the stretch going Lenthwise so he is a little on the tall side and she was made just the opposite.

Here is a couple more pics including the two males together and the 19"alone  Getting ready to order the CDs.

CD will include both sizes of Mr. Cat  and will include a pattern for the dog too!  Madame LeChat is still available and sold separately.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Taking a break from Mr. cat in a Hat and Tux

Spring garden fairy paper doll.  Sizzix dies include the fairy though I re shaped her head and body, flowers on her skirt, leafy hair and her blue bird.  Now back to the pattern.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quilt top

I made this quilt top about 8years ago for someone.  I collected lots of charms depicting American icons such as the Statue of Liberty and the American eagle but after seeing his decorating style, never finished it.  Think I will.  Need to find a border and backing fabric.  I really didn't enjoy this- too regimented but now that I look at it, I have surprised myself!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Very First Book

I made this book in college, in 1969-70 I think.  Of course I didn't date it!  Probably got gigged for that!  Don't remember what the grade was, think it was for Letter and Illustration.  It is made on black poster board with white India Ink.  I remember I had to write over each word about 5 times!  Had little money for supplies, so used magazines from the trash probably.  Don't know what the exact assignement was, but I chose to do the song "Desolation Row" by Bob Dylan.  Misplayed it for years and just found it again.  I dedicated it to Annie and Jimmy.  Don't know who they are.  The book is held together with electrical tape!  probably got it free from the Custodians.  Most of it is falling apart.  Glue didn't hold but I still like it.

Book measures 7" x 11".  I also photohopped it a little.  The black pages are a bit faded, but still not bad for 45 yrs old!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Three together

Here are the three "A Style of her Own" dolls, same pattern, the two standing are armatured, the seated one has bead joint knees and elbows, button joint hips and shoulders.  Their names are, standing, The Bride as a Child, A Style of Her Own (the original), and seated, In her own Words.  Bride and Words have cloth over clay over cloth heads, Style has a cloth head. Not sure if they will be a pattern.  Have to finish Mr. Cat first.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Styled Do and DONE!

I love how this hair looks, but hate how it gets all over everything!  I need to vacuum her!  Having said that, here she is all styled with her bow, fingernails and base.   A close up of her face too.  I think I am going to call her The Bride as a child.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

New do

Had to change her hair.  Was not liking the yarn.  Really wanted her to be more sweet school girl (or as Colleen said "Little House on the Prairie") meets bride of Frankenstein.  Also wanted her to have a Widows Peak and wild hair.  This hair is Tibetan lamb.  Have it tied back but may give her a head band and big bow.

That Face

Since my computer is currently having issues with Word, I haven't been working on the pattern but I have the fix so I can start again.  In the interim, I decided to do another style doll- this one on black and white.  I have been collecting these fabrics for some tome though I think I got carried away with all the prints.  The bottom tiers of her skirt are printed skulls.  Got that awesome trim on etsy from Little Red Cottage.  I cut it in half for the ruffle trim.  I was going for dreadlocks for her hair.  She still needs fingernails and a base.