Paper Baskets How to  

I like to make custom baskets for my dolls.  I thought I would share how I do this with a tutorial.  These baskets are easy to modify size though most my dolls are between 16-18”.  For larger dolls, just keep adding paper rolls until you get the size you want.  If you have an item of the shape and size you want, take the measurements and use those to design your basket.  The tutorial is for a round basket though I will show a square one which is actually easier.

I start with thin paper-my preference is old phone directory pages or Encyclopedia or dictionary pages.  I start with cutting the pages to 8”x8” squares.  I then cut them in half on the diagonal.  I start at the point and roll them around a wire or a knitting needle no larger than a US1.

White pages Page shown cut

Start rolling at point

Roll the entire piece

When you have all the paper rolled, add glue to the underside of the long edge and glue in place.  Remove needle or wire.

Make enough paper straws to create your weaving base.  Always have an odd number of spokes for a round basket.  I created 8 straws and then cut one In half for the 9th spoke.

Start weaving by placing one of the long straws as shown, glue the end in place, and continue going under one spoke, over one spoke until you need to attach another length to continue your weaving.

To add to your weaving straw, take another straw, apply glue to the end and slip the glued end into the open straw end.  Continue weaving.

Keep weaving adding additional lengths of paper as needed.  To shape your basket round, start pulling the spokes up as you weave until you get the desired shape.

In this illustration, I am going to make the sides go straight up so I bent the spokes to that shape.

Keep weaving until you reach your desired height.  Glue the end of your weaving strip to the inside of the basket.

Fold all the outer spokes to the inside of the basket.  Cut them to about ½” and glue to the basket inside.

For the spokes that are on the inside, fold toward the outside and thread the end under the last round of weaving.  Glue to the inside.

Finished woven basket base.

You can use ribbon, leather, yarn or any other materials for your basket handle.  I made mine from 3 strips of paper about 7/8” wide and 8” long.  I folded 2 of the strips into thirds and glued them flat. The third strip I folded one long side in, placed a piece of narrow ribbon on top, the folded the other part of the strip over it and glued it down.  The strip with the ribbon will be the base for the strap.

Keepint the reinforced strip in the center and using the other two strips one on each side, braid around the center strip all the way to the end.  Glue the top edges down, repeat with the other end. 

Arrange the placement of your handle and glue in place.  Your basket is now ready to be painted, stained or finished in your prefered way.


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