Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Spreading out

I have been bitten by the crochet bug lately and made two Shawls and a BoHo Vest. 
BoHo Shawl.  Pattern I purchased on Etsy.  Not too happy with it.  The yarn  it called for was no longer available so I used one I thought was similar.  Colors are brighter than I would have liked and the yarn is not a drapey.  Going to remake it in a thinner yarn.  Love the border.

This is a free pattern called the Edlothia Shawl.  I purchased the yarn from Etsy.  Worked up nicely.  The pink was a bit hrighter than I liked so I put the whole thing in a grey bath and that softened the pink.  This is quite large - about 80" across the top;\.

Another free Patttern, this one for the Virus shawl.  It was fun to make and I used the yarn remaining from the BoHo Vet.  Added the bottom round with a Pink I had in my stash.  Worked out well.  All Acryllic.

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