Monday, October 11, 2021

Waiting For the Train gets a new hat and goggles

 I entered this doll into the 2020 Monmouth County Senior Art Show.  There is a size limitation and her current hat put her over the limit so I made her a new one-a boater and added a pair of goggles.  The goggles are made from wire and die cut mini gears all covered with Metal tape then colored with alcohol inks and embellished with tiny metal wings.  I also placed her on a larger base because I want to add a gate sign and a low chain and barrier around 3 sides of the base.  Think the sign will say Gate 9 1/2!  Stay tuned!  

She won first place in the Professional Sculpture category and got an Honorable Mention in the State Show.  

This year I entered "The Game's Afoot" in the County show and she won 1st place.  Judging for the State show is next Month.  I will try to post a page with the goggle directions for anyone interested!


bkazoo said...

She is amazing. Wow!!!!

Judy Skeel said...

She is lovely! The goggles and snood are great touches. I assume you crocheted the snood? I've GOT to learn to crochet!!!

Judy Skeel said...

This is a wonderful doll. I love the special touches like the detailed goggles0 the wings are great! The snood is a great touch - I assume you crocheted it. I have got to learn to crochet!

veronica Hill said...

I love this doll. Her outfit is so well thought out and it suits her brilliantly. The hat with the goggles is a very clever touch. I would love to see how they were made..xx
PS. I love all your dolls they are so pretty and all have beautiful eyes..which is my downfall on my